Team Semper Fi Rules

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About us

NOTICE: Our Rules, Terms & Conditions will be updated in August 2017


In Team Semper Fi, we strive to uphold a few rules. These rules are general rules for the entire community.

  1. Battlefield members need to wear our tag & emblem at all time. You are however allowed to colour your emblem to your own preference.
  2. While in our community, we ask our members to respect other members and players at all times. If there’s a conflict, speak to a general manager.
  3. Hacking/Cheating/Glitching is not allowed, would you be caught doing so, you can be expelled from the community and granted no refund of your membership.
  4. Joining other platoons or communities is allowed, however, if members would create their own Teamspeak, server and platoon and start playing there while inviting other members, the member(s) in question can be removed from the community.
  5. Would there be complaints about certain members, it is important to notify a general manager immediately. We will discuss the matter internally and make a decision wether to warn the individual or to remove him/her from the community permanently. This behaviour can include: Toxic behaviour as in negative behaviour and influencing people into negative thinking. Constant complaining, cursing (to a certain extent), sexism, racism and nazism. Negative behaviour under influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. When on Teamspeak or Discord with other members and non-members we expect members to be helpful, friendly and mature. Rule nr. 5 also applies to Teamspeak and Discord. (See Discord channel Rules for more details regarding Discord)

Rules regarding (Premium) members and payment terms.

  1. All membership payments have to be sent before the 5th of each month.
  2. Members that join before the 15th of the current month will have to pay before the 5th of the next month (losing half the month) and member that join after the 15th will have to pay before the 5th of the month after the next. (gaining half a month). The reason for this is that we might have a situation where we have to handle administration for payments every day, which is unmanageable.
  3. We handle payments through Paypal ( and Skrill ( These services take a fee from each transaction (Paypal 3,40% + €0,35 and Skrill 1%). The members are responsible for paying this fee, so be sure to take this into account when sending memberships.
  4. New members are asked to pay for 3 months (6€) in order to make administration easier.
  5. We send membership reminders through Discord (link can be found under social media). In order to be able to receive messages, you need to befriend SemperFi-Vivi, he will then send you a reminder around the 1st of the month. Failing to answer, being able to receive or send membership payment before the 5th will result in removal from the community.
  6. All memberships and donations are owned by the community Team Semper Fi and are 100% used for services, these services include teamspeak, website and our gaming servers.
  7. We do not give refunds.
  8. Members that recruit new members will be awarded with a free month (for each new recruit) of membership at Team Semper Fi.

More detailed terms & conditions can be found here:

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