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    Hi everyone!

    My name is SemperFi-LowLow and i’m an SF member since december 2016, a regular player on our siege of shanghai 24/7 server and overall not a REALLY good player…BUT at least i have fun doing it !

    i’m called diplomatic as fuck, i have a really good patience with people and am relaxed and outgoing in nature.

    IRL i’m a professional stagebuilder for the larger festivals and events in the netherlands and other parts of the world, Former military and i’m also dubbed as a professional idiot who does stupid stuff when drunk ( dont’we all 😉 )

    I got some hobbies that will keep me busy, which include Sport shooting ( firearms ) , snowboarding and playing BF4 with my friends in this awesome platoon!

    i’m always up for a laugh and chat in our discord server, so you should definitally head up there and see what we’re all about!



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