Forum Disabled, Ban appeals in Discord!

  • This website is currently getting updated on many fronts, some stuff may be broken.

Hey Everyone,

We’ve been working on the website and discussing a lot of changes regarding the website. One of those things is also how we handle ban appeals. We are looking into changing the system for these ban appeals. Right now, we require every user to create an account for the SemperFi forum and go to the ban appeal section. This has proven to be safe and trustworthy but it might not be the most efficient way.

The reason why  it may not be efficient is because not everyone seems to be able to find the ban appeal section or is willing to create an account to make a ban appeal. However, we still want to ensure that everyone can make a ban appeal if they are banned and feel wronged or when they hope for a second chance.

Here’s what we will do for now.

Ban appeals will be handled on Discord.

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Please go to the “Battlefield” channels and tag the @General Manager role. There we can help you further.

Note: We log everything that has to do with ban appeals and is vital information, this is why we use forums because the messages will be logged instantly. All information that isn’t important is removed. This means that after a while the only info we have is: Your gamertag, reason of ban, unbanned status, warning status. This way, if someone gets banned for a second or third time we know the backstory already.


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