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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is branded as a tactical shooter and was released on December 1, 2015, by Ubisoft.  Unlike earlier Rainbow Six titles, Siege focusses at the multiplayer aspect where players compete for the objective in a 5v5 setting.

Upon release, the game was not perceived that well. During E3 2014 the game was portrayed a lot more interesting and better looking than when the game finally got released. However, Ubisoft learned from its mistakes and listened to the community. Nowadays, Rainbow Six Siege is mostly known for the Esports evolving around the game.

Unlike earlier titles, which mainly focussed on tactical team play with a narrative. Siege, focusses on teamplay by the online player and online player only. With continuous updates to date, and new operators still being added, Siege managed to reach 30 million players across all platforms on 12 April 2018.

SemperFi Rainbow Six Team

Honor' media

The Manager: SemperFi-Honor

SemperFi-Honor is a massive cunt who just named himself manager for the sole reason to build a template for all the pages he has yet to create. He might get stuff done but damn, it does take long. Still, it goes better than when someone else from the Generals would be doing this.

Now about this lad, law student, WHO THE HELL STUDIES LAW?! Anyway, it helps us out so that’s pretty cool then. It did make him a real asshat though, never study law if you don’t want to be an asshat.

So weird to talk about myself in 3rd person just to ramble some stuff on here to see how it all would fit.

Should this be shorter? We’ll see.

Savage' media

The Captain: SemperFi-Savage

If you thought Honor was bad, man, let me tell you about Savage. He just thinks he can do anything! Well, to be honest, he has proven to be capable of pretty much anything. This guy, let me tell you, this guy managed to get all of our Esport teams going from scratch! Like, seriously, we started off as a community and had just 1 esports team. Then this guy came in and daaaammnn.

Anyway, this fella is amazing, and a cunt, just like Honor, go ask chllyg, he’ll confirm. He enjoyed BF, got bored, went onto CSGO and PUBG to just destroy everyone and everything on those game. Can someone stop him please?

Okay I am running out of BS to talk about. But this seems to be going well.

Hmmm what else should we put here.



SemperFi Rainbow Six Accomplishments

Totally won this

We are so pro

  • We won World War 3
  • We won imaginary games
  • Better than ESL
  • And best idiots world wide


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