Battlefield 1 Spring Update, what to expect?

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Yesterday the official Battlefield twitch page went live to share the first details of the upcoming Spring Update for Battlefield 1. The Spring Update will be the last season update. From here on, Battlefield 1 will receive monthly updates. So, what can we expect from the upcoming update?

First off, yesterday’s livestream gave us a sneak peek into the Spring Update. There is still a lot to be shared by to DICE/EA towards us the public. While the livestream was going on you could notice that the developers wanted to share a lot more with us than they did. However, they are still under NDA. Meaning that there’s a lot of information yet to be released. If you want to re-watch the livestream then please click here.

The Spring update, what do we know so far?

In short, we know that the following things are going to happen in Battlefield 1 once the Spring Update drops.

4 new weapons:

  • Huot Automatic Optical
  • Selbstlader 1906 Sniper
  • Martini Henry Sniper
  • Hellriegel 1915 Defensive

New Dog Tags!

These are special Dog Tags as some are region locked (Japan) but you can obtain them by simply changing your IP to Japan! Apparently, DICE/EA allow you to do this. The Dog Tags are:

  • Battlefest 2017
  • Answers HQ
  • Sakura
  • Murata
  • Play 2 Give
  • Regimental Stien

More Ribbons!

From what we understand, these ribbons are mainly aimed at team play. As DICE says during the stream “the ribbons are focused on teamwork”. Making a quick guess we would say that these ribbons reward you for capturing flags, completing squad objectives etcetera.

There is more and this is really interesting! Platoons are coming and RSP updates!

The announcement for Platoons was already made a few weeks ago and you could test these platoons on Battlefield 1 CTE. But, for many clans, communities and probably even streamers/YouTubers this is really good news. Platoons are coming with the Spring Update to Battlefield 1. Why did it take so long? Well, DICE decided to overhaul the entire system. Meaning that your current BF4 platoon might become obsolete as the new system is going to be the system for BF1 and BF4. Those who have CTE probably already have a Platoon going. (like us for example)

Here’s some basic info about the platoons:

  • Maximum player number is 100 (for now)
  • Internal ranking system, the higher your rank the more administration abilities one has within the platoon.
  • Entire squad your platoon? The Squad name in-game is now the platoon name! For example, Butter Squad becomes “Team Semper Fi”.
  • Your squad attributed the most to the capture of a flag? A pennant will be shown with your squad emblem!
  • Do you own some servers? Those will be attached to the platoon! (probably still in testing phase when update drops)

RSP updates

And now a big winner for the admins of many clans and communities but also the eSports section! Until now, only the owner could administrate the hired server. This is about to change in a very drastic way!

  • Multiple admins
  • 6 player start
  • Private Servers (password protection)

The Battlefield community has been asking for these features for months now. Finally, these features are to be implemented into the game. We still want to know why things take so long but it is good to finally get some more tools to get work done. This will mean that it is time to behave now in Battlefield 1 as you no longer have to keep your eyes peeled for the owner of the server.

There is more but…

There is a lot more to the Spring Update as the DICE developers said they were still under NDA during the stream. Aside from the NDA, the stream was named “Battlefield 1 Spring Update Sneak Peek”. Meaning that indeed, there is a lot more to this update than we can see and read right now. Stay tuned for more!


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