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Discord rules

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:56 am
by SemperFi-Honor
The following ruleset is specifically meant for Discord, of course, community rules still apply and as you can guess, these rules actually apply in general as well.

Discord rules:
1. No bad language or extensive swearing.
2. No racism or Nazism.
3. No sharing of pornographic material or material other users might find offensive.
4. No discussions about religion or politics.
5. Be respectful towards your friends but also towards your enemies. (Call a manager immediately if there's a problem, don't try to solve it yourself.)
6. Always try to help people out as best you can. (even people you don't know)
7. No spamming.
8. Be nice to bunny. (or insta-ban)
9. Please ask permission from a General Manager for self-advertisement or just advertisement in general. (this is to prevent spamming and/or 'using' SF as a platform)