SF Women' Platoon!

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SF Women' Platoon!

Post by SemperFi-Honor » Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:42 am

We had a lot of discussion about this in the admin team and as you may guess, we are going for it, we simply want to show that despite us already being one big family, women are part of us too!

The full message from SemperFi-Meggie and the rest of the team:

Hey everyone ! After discussion in the management team the following has been decided. Announcement with partial recruitment message will follow.

Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come and we are very proud to announce the creating of the newest WOMEN platoon in Battlefield 1 backed by one of the biggest Battlefield communities TEAM SEMPER FI !

Speaking as a woman in a position of a General Manager in the TEAM SEMPER FI I can proudly say that times are changing for female gamers.
TEAM SEMPER FI is a place where the members are not numbers but family, where we care for each other like we do for our friends in real life, where we function as a whole where we treat everyone equally regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or skin color.

I have been where you are now, I have walked the path of gender abuse in the gaming world before joining this community.
SEMPER FI gave me a new life in the gaming world.

For that very same reason we are asking YOU to be brave, come forward and join us in our community.
@PrincessDanni20, TEAM SEMPER FI and me have taken upon us a task to unite the female gamers under one name in our community.
We personally ENCOURAGE all women who feel scared and shy in the gaming world, who have been abused in any way online, who do not want to share their identity because they are scared of what they will experience, come forward and join us!

Join us in making a full female BF1 platoon where we will wreck the servers and have fun together.

Join us in building a new type of gaming community where we game equally hand by hand from game to game.

Yours truly,

PS Feel free if you have time, to share this announcement everywhere you can to help spread the word.
Feel Safe, Die happy