Ban Appeal Example

Want to appeal your ban? You can do this here. Note that being hostile will not help your case.
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Ban Appeal Example

Post by SemperFi-Honor » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:08 am

Have you been banned and you want to appeal? Well, then you are in luck because you can! Every admin decision can be appealed, after your appeal has been approved or denied the case has been closed. If you still disagree with the outcome you can ask for another look by the management team if the case has not been handled by 3 or more General Managers.

So what should a ban appeal look like? It is important to know we need as much information as possible, meaning you have to tell us pretty much everything that has happened. Try to provide your details in the following manner:

Name: SemperFi-Honor
Game: Battlefield 1
Server: [SF] #2 Mixed Maps
Ban Reason: Not enough salt with the pasta and now it got ruined
Banned by: SemperFi-Bunny

Additional information: Bunny wanted more salt in the pasta and I refused because I found it to be enough. Unfortunately Bunny was right and the pasta sticked to the pan and now it got ruined. Ever since he banned me and he's been eating all the carrots he can find.

Things to consider when appealing:
- Be polite, if you get abuse/toxic or you are harassing members/admins then this will have effect on your ban appeal.
- You are always given the chance to respond with your side of the story unless the mentioned above has happened.
- Abuse of ban appeals/dispute threads will not be tolerated.
- Coming into TeamSpeak or Discord and start spamming or contacting numerous people to appeal your ban is also considered abuse/harassment.
- Our admins maintain high standards before acting and are subject to our guidelines. Reasons for a ban can be, but are not limited to: Cheating, hacking, abusive behaviour towards players/admins, language, recruiting (non-SF) and glitching. Your ban reason is always stated!
Being polite is highly recommended and well appreciated. We expect this from you as much as you can expect it from us. If you wish to file a complaints about admins then we highly suggest you to contact us privately.

The list above is not limited and is subject to change.
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