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Hello from SemperFi-Honor!

Post by SemperFi-Honor » Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:45 am

Hey all!

I'm SemperFi-Honor and before SemperFi known as HonorguyXNL. My real name is Rombout and as a result people rather use my IGN :)

As the SemperFi tag gives away I am one of the SemperFi leaders (General Managers). I joined SemperFi somewhere in 2014/2015 (sort off forgot) after being harassed into joining by GypsyHorseDealer and SemperFi-Vivi, they desperately needed admins back then so here I am :P

Within Team Semper Fi you may know me for.... pretty much every damn thing that goes on around here. I do the social media, the regular admin work, the website, the being a pain in the ass towards members and all sorts of stuff.

Some stuff about me. I'm a law student (about to graduate) and live in The Netherlands, currently 25 years old. Lately I'm more offline than online because I found that the gameplay outside aint even that bad anymore.

Wanna know more? Hit me up :)

Also my social media:
YT: HonorguyXNL
Twitter: @RomboutG (and @Team_SemperFi)
FB is private unless you are SF member.

See you on the Battlefield!
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