Semper Fi Event Coming up!

Hello everyone !

We, as another gaming community (Team Semper-Fi) have an open event called a Community Event.
This entails the following: we set up a server for everyone to join, with game mode and map
combinations which will pull you out of your comfort zone and put you in situations that are
just completely ‘out of it’.

So take a look at the results down below,
get out of your comfort zone of the maps and modes that you usually play, and go BANANAS!
There are no rules here, no restrictions, everything goes! You want to launch an LAV, go ahead, want to have a EOD bot fight in the middle of the street, GO AHEAD! you want to fill an elevator with flares to ‘set the mood’ for some erotic….well you get the point right? Since we have done this community event
before and that was a blast, we’re sure this is going to be equally as fun as the last one!

As before, there is no need to sign up for the event, there is no password on the server.
You can just join in on the fun if you want, invite friends over to come on in, and you can leave
whenever you’ve had enough (which we can hardly believe ;)), or when your mother wants her pc back !

Get ready for yet another night of absolute ridiculousness and crying of laughter!

Server address/info will be announced 1 day before the event!

see you all on the bananafield!


Date : 29-09-2017
Time : 20:00 CEST

Maps/gamemodes :

Set 1 :

Zavod:graveyard shift – Obliteration
Gulf Of Oman – Chainlink
Lost Islands – Carrier assault small
Propaganda – Capture the Flag

Set 2 :

Zavod:Graveyard shift – Rush
Gulf Of Oman – Obliteration
Lost Islands – Capture the flag
Propaganda – Chainlink