Our Rules

Hi there visitor! Here you can find the ruleset for Team Semper Fi in general but also specific rulesets for our Esport teams. Do you see a violation of these rules? Then contact a SemperFi Admin for assistance!

Team Semper Fi Community Rules

In Team Semper Fi, we strive to uphold a few rules. These rules are general rules for the entire community.

  1. Team Semper Fi members need to wear our tag & emblem at all time and at any supported game by Team Semper Fi possible. You are however allowed to color your emblem to your own preference.
  2. While in our community, we ask our members to respect other members and players at all times. Whenever there are issues between members, guests & members or members & leaders then this is to be taken private and dealt with in a mature and reasonable way. If a conflict includes a leader, a different leader can be asked to help solve the situation/problem.
  3. Hacking/Cheating/Glitching is not allowed, would you be caught doing so, you can be expelled from the community and granted no refund of your membership.
  4. Joining other platoons or communities is allowed, however, if members would create their own TeamSpeak, server, and platoon and start playing there while inviting other members, the member(s) in question can be removed from the community.
  5. Would there be complaints about certain members, it is important to notify a leader immediately. We will discuss the matter internally and make a decision whether to warn the individual or, to remove him/her from the community permanently. This behavior can include but is not limited to: Toxic behavior as in negative behavior and influencing people into negative thinking. Constant complaining, cursing (to a certain extent), sexism, racism, and Nazism. Negative behavior under influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. In regards to sexism, racism, religious hatred and such a ‘No Tolerance’ policy is in place. Meaning, if one would break one of the mentioned above, it might and probably shall, result in immediate termination from Team Semper Fi. Depending on the matter, leaders can decide to make this public.
  7. No disruption of normal chatter. This includes but is not limited to: (overly) abusive comments, spamming, flooding, shouting.
  8. When on Teamspeak or Discord with other members and non-members we expect members to be helpful, friendly and mature. Rule nr. 5 also applies to Teamspeak and Discord. (See Discord channel Rules for more details regarding Discord)
  9. Impersonation of staff or ‘known’ persons is taken high and serious. Impersonation will be a reason for Team Semper Fi to terminate people from being part of the Team Semper Fi community.
  10. Recording Gameplay & Voice is fine, but this is to be done in appropriate channels. Members who join these appropriate channels are expected to have given their consent on recording upon joining the appropriate channels.// (Example: Streaming channels in TeamSpeak)
  11. Do NOT post links to any website that (likely) can or do have sexual, hateful, harmful (including viruses and phishing) or racist content. This includes the sharing of “memes” that cannot be deemed appropriate in regards to the earlier rules.

More detailed terms & conditions can be found here: http://team-semperfi.com/contact/terms-conditions

Team Semper Fi Esport Rules

Because of the fact we have several teams some rules might differ per team. Reason for this is the nature of the game the team is located on.