Our Rules

  • This website is currently getting updated on many fronts, some stuff may be broken.
On this page, you will find all of our applicable rules for both the Community and Esports. Alongside with the rules, you will also be able to find information regarding feedback and our structure. Esport player? Please note that each game might come with their own additional set of rules.

About our community

Team Semper Fi has become a worldwide gaming community where everyone can join and be themselves. To make sure that everyone can enjoy the fun, feel that they can express themselves and feel safe we have set up some rules. We want to make sure that all of our members are able to interact safely and with respect. We want to provide and maintain a good experience for everyone.

To help us achieve this goal we, Team Semper Fi, reserve the right to take appropriate action, meaning to suspend any person at any given time, if we deem the person(s) actions highly inappropriate, harmful and/or rule-breaking. Users who are facing or have faced suspension have the right to know why Team Semper Fi has taken action.

For first and minor offenses action(s) taken by Team Semper Fi is likely to be light, however, if the first offence is to be considered a major offense the user may be suspended permanently. The severity of the offence will determine the severity of the taken action(s) by Team Semper Fi. Users who have faced or are facing actions from Team Semper Fi are able to appeal. Appeals will be reviewed by the Generals and be answered within an appropriate time frame, depending on the severity the time frame may vary. If the appeal is to be deemed appropriate the taken action(s) against the user in question remain registered and may be held/used against the user if a new offense is committed.

Team Semper Fi reserves the right to change/alter the community and/or Esport rules at any given time. When rules are changed or altered a date will be mentioned at the top to ensure users are reading the latest revision.

Despite our own rules, all users must respect all applicable law meaning local,national and international while they are part of and make use of Team Semper Fi Community and or Team Semper Fi Esport.

Terms & conditions can be found here: http://team-semperfi.com/contact/terms-conditions

Team Semper Fi Community Rules

  1. While in our community, we ask our members to respect others at any given time. If members have issues with another member, guest or someone in a leading position then this is to be handled privately and not in public. We ask, to resolve any issues you might have with someone in a kind, mature and respectful manner. In case of issues with the leadership, we suggest asking a (different) General Manager to be the middle-ground. If things have escalated, Team Semper Fi may take appropriate action as they seem fit.


  1. Would there be complaints about certain members of Team Semper Fi, then we urge you to contact a General Manager immediately. The matter in question will be discussed internally and a decision for appropriate action will be made. Complaints about members of Team Semper Fi or complaints from Team Semper Fi members can be of any kind. Complaints can be filed about, but is not limited to: Toxic behaviour, excessive cursing, sexism, harassment, racism, Nazism and more.


  1. In regards to sexism, racism, nazism, religious hatred and such Team Semper Fi has a ‘Zero-tolerance’ policy. Meaning, if a user appears to show any of the above then the user in question will immediately be permanently suspended from Team Semper Fi as a whole.


  1. Any activity that gives the user an unfair advantage over others in gaming, such as cheating, hacking, exploiting, botting or tampering may result in a suspension or removal from the community and/or Esport team when caught or when sufficient evidence is submitted to Team Semper Fi.


  1. In regards to self-destructive behaviour, we hold a strict policy. Showing up heavily intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs on TeamSpeak, Discord (voice) or any public event where Team Semper Fi is represented and you represent Team Semper Fi is prohibited. We also prohibit any behaviour that may result in self-harm or harm of others. Depending on the severity Team Semper Fi may suspend the user/person in question temporarily or permanently.


  1. Any behaviour that includes or promotes violence against others is prohibited and taken seriously. If needed, local authorities may or will be informed if the threat is to be deemed serious. This includes but is not limited to:

            * Attempts or threats to physically harm or kill others

            * Attempts or threats to hack, DDOS, SWAT or anything of such kind to others.

            * The use of weapons to physically threaten, intimidate, harm or kill others.

               Depending on the severity Team Semper Fi will take appropriate action.


  1. Hateful conduct is prohibited and may lead to a suspension if deemed appropriate. Hateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes, encourages or facilitates discrimination, denigration, objectification, political preference, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, medical condition, physical characteristics.


  1. Harassment is prohibited and may lead to a suspension if deemed appropriate and depends on the severity of the harassment. Harassment is any content or activity that attempts to intimidate, degrade, abuse, or bully others, or create a hostile environment(s) for others.


  1. Any behaviour or content that disrupts, interrupts, harms or otherwise violates the integrity of Team Semper Fi or their user’s experience or devices is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: Spam, phishing, fraud/defrauding, spreading malware, tampering, selling or sharing accounts (of any service).


  1. Any activity in public that includes nudity, pornography or sexually explicit images/content is to be deemed inappropriate. Team Semper Fi is a gaming community and despite that, we strive to be 18+ we do have minors in the community. Please keep them in mind.


  1. Impersonation is prohibited, the severity of the taken action(s) by Team Semper Fi depend on the severity of the offence. Impersonating a leader from Team Semper Fi may be deemed more severe than the impersonation of a member. However, impersonation of actual people is to be deemed prohibited and unacceptable in any way.


  1. In regards to TeamSpeak/Discord we kindly ask not to disrupt the ‘normal chatter’(voice) that is going on. This means no shouting/spamming/annoying beeps/hard sounds meant to annoy the users present in the voicechannel(s).


  1. When on Teamspeak or Discord with other members and non-members we expect members to be helpful, friendly and mature.


  1. When Esport members are present in either Discord or TeamSpeak and they are in a ‘Do not Disturb’ aka ‘DND’ room, do not poke them or message them. Esports members may be in a competition or training at the time.


  1. Recording Gameplay & Voice is fine, but this is to be done in appropriate channels. Members who join these appropriate channels are expected to have given their consent on recording upon joining the appropriate channels.// (Example: Streaming channels in TeamSpeak)


  1. Do NOT post links to any website that (likely) can or do have sexual, hateful, harmful (including viruses and phishing) or racist content. This includes the sharing of “memes” that cannot be deemed appropriate in regards to the earlier rules.


  1. In regards to emblems and gamertags. Team Semper Fi Community members can request their personalized Team Semper Fi emblem, see the General Managers for an example. The official clan-tag/prefix for Team Semper Fi is “SF” for members, example: SF-HonorguyXNL. General Managers can be recognized by “SemperFi”, this prefix is reserved for the General Managers only, example: SemperFi-Honor.

Team Semper Fi Esport Rules


  1. All community rules are applicable to the Team Semper Fi Esport teams. The Esport teams are deemed an extension of the Team Semper Fi community. However, some rules may be applied more strict on the Esport teams than on the community.
  2. Upon violating any rules Team Semper Fi Esport players may face suspension from both the community and/or Esport team(s). The severity of the offence will determine what action(s) are to be deemed appropriate. Team Semper Fi Esport players may face, but is not limited to, the following actions: suspension from training, matches, tournament, removal from roster/team, removal from the community.
  3. Team Semper Fi Esport players need to wear our tag & emblem, at all time at any place possible. This includes but is not limited to: Facebook (professional not personal account), Twitter (professional not personal account), YouTube, Twitch, Origin, Uplay and Steam. The emblem shall be provided by Team Semper Fi.
  4. Team Semper Fi Esport players shall be using the “SF” prefix to their gamertags as clan-tag. example: SF-HonorguyXNL
  5. Team Semper Fi expects from Esport players a higher level of professionalism in general as well as upholding the reputation of Team Semper Fi to their best ability. This means we expect Esport players to distance themselves from participating from any toxic, (potentially) offensive, inappropriate behaviour and any behaviour that would be a breach of our rules.
  6. Team Semper Fi expects from Esport players a higher level of professionalism and maturity than others. Whenever a Esport player has to deal with slander, toxic chat, hackusations etc please notify your team captain, coach, manager or General Manager. We urge players not to involve themselves actively in such behaviour.
  7. When training schedules are made we expect that players make notice in time if they are unable to attend the training. If this is due to an unforeseen circumstance then please notify your team captain or leader as soon as possible or afterwards. Punctuality is a must for Team Semper Fi.
  8. Not attending training on a regular basis without notice may lead to suspension from the team. This decision will be made by the team leader.
  9. New players/applications will face a try-out period of (in most cases) 2 weeks, however, the manager or captain may state differently if needed. This try-out period may be extended for a longer amount of time if deemed appropriate with a maximum of 2 weeks. A decision to extend must be given before the initial period ends.
  10. After the try-out period new players/applications will hear the results as soon as possible from the Team Manager or Captain, at most 1 week after the ending of their try-out period if not extended.
  11. When new players are being introduced as trainees we kindly request to include them in the team trainings as much as possible. New players need to learn and know the team they might become part off, this is also to determine if they are fit for the team.

In regards to contracting Esport players

At this time, DATE, Team Semper Fi does not contract any players yet. However, this is something we are looking forward to provide in the future. We have several reasons not to provide contracts just yet, first one is simple, we’re just getting started. The other reasons are more financially and establishment related. We want to be sure we know what we are doing and we want to be sure we can provide that what is needed and what one could expect from us. At this early stage, we cannot provide for hotel fees, jerseys etc. However, we are looking forward to this. We do want to clarify, this does not mean that we won’t support anything at all, we will provide what is needed, i.e. jerseys, at a LAN event when representing Team Semper Fi.

What does this mean for the Esport players? Not being legally bound to Team Semper Fi. If a player wants to change teams then they are free to do so, however, we do like to be notified at least a few days in advance. Why? Well, it is better to provide a joint-statement than a statement all out of the blue and rushed. This is better for you and us.

Special note for Battlefield Esports: Due to the high uncertainty of Esports ever becoming a real thing in this franchise it is likely that contracts might never be a thing for this section. If Esports is becoming real for Battlefield then contracts are likely to happen.

Team Semper Fi Feedback (Community and Esport)

We strive to improve as much as we can and as often as we can. Therefore we appreciate any kind of feedback. If you have feedback please provide this in the discord channel called #feedback-channel or directly forward this to a coach, captain, manager or General Manager.


How do we process feedback? Depending on the suggestion/feedback we might discuss it internally if it is about a matter that should remain private. If feedback is about general improvements for Team Semper Fi Community and/or Team Semper Fi Esport it is likely the suggestion will be widely shared and discussed with everyone.

Example of feedback we had in the past: In the past, we received a suggestion for changing names to a uniform standard. We decided to post and pin a message and let the community cast a vote. The vote decided what would happen. In this case, the community voted in favour of the change. (this change is now to be found in community rule #17)

What you may expect from us.

Hey there, now you might be wondering what you may expect from us. Most of the things are likely to be done by the General Managers.

The General Managers are:

  • SemperFi-Vivi – Finances
  • SemperFi-Honor – Social Media/Law/Website
  • SemperFi-Bunny – Merchandising
  • SemperFi-Savage – Esports
  • SemperFi-Smoke – Recruitment
  • SemperFi-Mantis – Community

The General Managers make sure the rules are followed on Discord, TeamSpeak and in the servers we provide. That is not all, the General Managers are also the people who make sure the servers get filled in the early mornings, cheaters/hackers get banned in time from the servers and rule breakers on servers are sanctioned appropriately. These people are standing by as much as they can to make sure everything is going as it should be going and everyone has a good time. The General Managers are also the people who make sure that the social media is being used, servers are being paid (with donations) and much more. Too much to list.

There is one thing they request from you, the players/users. Everything the General Managers do is done on a voluntary basis. They can’t be always around and they can’t always take actions as quickly as one would like. They are only a small team and they have jobs/studies during they need to attend during the day (or even night). If they can’t respond immediately, please be considerate and wait till they can respond to the matter in question.

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