Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or rather said “CSGO” is a first-person shooter where team play, tactical movement and pure skill are the base of the game. With its amazing competitive scene and its competitive matchmaking which is the core you are guaranteed to have a hard time.

CSGO is all about getting better and showing off your lovely skins and skills. The most little movement must grab your attention, your ears must be listening to every step and your aim must be perfect when you fire the first bullet. But above all, your speed must be great. CSGO, the game where camping in a corner is important, but breaking through with speed or pure tactics are mandatory. In competitive matchmaking you play with 5 vs 5 players in a match of your current rank or a bit higher. The better you play, the higher your rank and the more skilled your opponents get. There’s one another thing that is key, communication. Without communication you are almost certain to lose, it won’t matter how good you are, communication is key.

Apart from the very hardcore competitive scene you can also just fool around, do some ‘surfing’ or play silly game modes with people. The game isn’t about graphics but about fun and when playing competitive skill. To make things a bit more cheerful Valve added skins to CSGO. You really want to show off your lovely skins don’t you? Skins are so popular that some skins are worth tremendous amounts of money.

Team Semper Fi is setting up a CSGO team to play on a eSports level, but of course also for fun. Interested in us? Join us in Discord and/or TeamSpeak to have a chat with our CSGO players! Are you up to the job?

Team Semper Fi CS:GO Member List:

CS:GO Manager: s0undy