Gamers-Community & Team Semper Fi partner up!

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We, Team Semper Fi, have been around since 2014 and have been doing a lot by ourselves. But nothing more than a partnership can show progress for both us, Team Semper Fi and! Our partnership allows both Team Semper Fi and Gamers-Community to unite more and more gamers every day. To unite gamers and give them a place to play and stay!

Team Semper Fi was founded in February 2014 as 1Operators originally. It didn’t take long before the current name was adopted. These were the first steps to become something bigger than before. Over the past years, Team Semper Fi has mainly been a European Battlefield Clan. As of 2017, this has been changing a lot. In March 2017 we welcomed a new Esports team in Battlefield 1, entering the young but promising Battlefield 1 Competitive scene. Not long after Team Semper Fi decided to widen their view but also change identity. In 2017 we became Team Semper Fi Gaming Community, no longer did we just support Battlefield, but we now also support games like; Rainbow Six Siege, PlayerUnknown’ Battlegrounds, CS:GO, World of Warcraft and much more to come!

What does this partnership mean for Team Semper Fi and its members? Well, a lot is for the good for members! This partnership made sure that we are now part of a much larger network than before. Gamers-Community is, as it says, a real gamers community. Not just a few games are supported, no it expands into multiple communities, streamers, YouTubers and even special guests under one roof. We’re now working with the Xbox One Community, Hardcore League but also streamers like “Deity”, “Prophet on Fire” and “Dasz” all streamers with large audiences.




Let’s list some direct changes for Team Semper Fi down here.







  • Membership fee has been dropped. New members no longer have to pay a fee to become part of Team Semper Fi. Of course, we still want to know who you are 😉
  • TeamSpeak and Discord accessibility has been improved/expanded. Our own TeamSpeak server is now mainly aimed at the Esports teams we now have. What does this mean exactly? Team Semper Fi members have their own channels and rank in the official Gamers-Community TeamSpeak 3 server which is a whopping 512 slots big! Also in Discord, Semper Fi members have their own rank!
  • A high change of player increase across the entire board. Team Semper Fi will likely grow significantly in the upcoming year. This means we will likely expand with servers and games we support in time.
  • Special Events! Maybe even some prizes to win. No promises!
  • Our Esports teams are 100% still Team Semper Fi and will remain to do so. This means that sponsorships regarding Esports are still on the table to discuss and achieve!


These are some of the initial changes within Team Semper Fi. We want to express that Team Semper Fi is still itself and we have not been fused into or become part of We do agree and apply their code of conduct, however, those who’ve read our code of conduct know that ours is even more strict 😉