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    Dear Semper Fi,

    I would like to join this clan to play games with u.
    How do i get in contact with u. Im not that experienced with discord and id like to know how i can join your channels so i can introduce myself.
    See u soon!.

    Gr. Monster



    Hello Monster, first of all sorry for the late response. but we all are a bit busy..

    Nice of you to thinking of joining SF.. 1 question is it for bf4 or bf1 ?

    For Bf4 and Bf1 :

    We ask 2 euro a Month to keep the servers running. for that you get Vip slot on all servers for Bf4 and for Bf1 you can choose on which server you want vip slots on cause we have only 20 vip slots on Bf1 servers

    And for discord, is better for you to join on there, you get a response in a few minutes from one leader.. is easy to use, just click the link, you can choose to use website or download it here is my invite for you

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