BF1 NivelleNights/FortVaux Server, Feedback

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    About the Vaux/Nivelle server, I just played a couple of rounds with Mucka and Paradox.
    It seems to me players on there like Fort Vaux for its infantry only CQB, then after a couple of rounds it got dull.
    They see the votemap and eventually the Nivelle Nights map gets enough votes.
    On Nivelle it takes a couple of minutes for players to adjust to the Large scale conquest and vehicles.
    The team that doesnt adapt fast enough got dunked on.
    So after one round of Nivelle, back at the votemap is saw 32ish votes for Fort Vaux and 5ish votes for Nivelle.
    Thats when I decided to have a break.

    In all, adding Nivelle Nights as a Votemap to the server is paying off.
    There are a lot of players on there and I hope it will last for long.
    But I notice there is a stark contrast in the type of conquest on both maps, concerning the size, and vehicles.
    Although this brings variety to the server, it might be off-putting to some players looking for 1 specific type of conquest.



    The BF1 Nivelle Nights server doesn’t seem too populated anymore??
    Each time I started up BF1 (once a day in the evening) this week there were like 2 players on there :/

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