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Team Semper Fi e-Sports

author image by Honorguy | e-Sports | 0 Comments | 22nd June 2017

The team is coming a long.

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Battlefield Competitive?

author image by Honorguy | e-Sports News | 0 Comments | 21st June 2017

EA and DICE have been talking about a competitive scene for Battlefield 1 for almost a year now. Yet there is no real indication whether Battlefield Competitive will be a thing or not. e-Sports are becoming more known day by…

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Welcome to Team Semper Fi Esports!

Team Semper Fi started as a simple Battlefield community and now has become much more than that! A part of Team Semper Fi now exists in the Esport. With Esports teams in construction for games like Battlefield 1, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege and PlayerUnknown’ Battlegrounds Team Semper Fi is looking at a bright future!

With a new management team led by SemperFi-Savage we are looking forward to what the future might bring us! Are you looking for a new Esports team to give your dream a go? Then Team Semper Fi might be able to offer just that!

Supported Games

Team Semper Fi started with Battlefield 1 Esports in March 2017. With a brand new team, brand new managers and players Team Semper Fi Esports managed to reach straight into top rankings in several leagues for Battlefield 1!

Battlefield 1 Team Semper Fi Esport rankings:

  • Hardcore League Season 1 Champion – 10on10 Conquest
  • Hardcore League Season 2 Invitational Vice-Champion – 12on12 Conquest
  • Hardcore League Season 2 Invitational Vice-Champion – 12on12 Rush
  • Toornament EuroCup Vice-Champion – 8on8 Conquest
  • 3-4th Battlefield Community League – 5on5 Domination

Battlefield 1 Esport team manager: SemperFi-Savage

Battlefield 1 Esport team captain: SF-Slendy

The Team:

SemperFi-Savage, Team Leader

SemperFi-Savage is the overall manager for Team Semper Fi but also the Team leader for the Battlefield 1 Esport team.




SF-Slendy, Team Captain.

SF-Slendy has proven to be a capable leader in multiple matches and was quickly appointed as the Team Captain. The Team Captain supports the Team Manager and has a lead role during matches regarding tactics and roles.

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