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Alright everyone!

A lot of stuff is happening within our community, and we’ll let you guys know whenever we have all the ins and outs on everything!

One of the things that are going to change here is the following:

We’re getting rid of the premium members/ normal members difference, Simply because you’re either a member of our community or you’re not :). We are doing this because it makes things simpler for everyone 🙂

This will mean the following: Premium members will just be put under the group members and will keep their access on everything that they’re used to as it is at the moment.
‘ Normal members ‘ can be found under the ‘ online ‘ section on the right side below all the groups that are here.

Being a premium member ( from now on MEMBER ) includes the following :

– 24/7 admin support on our servers
– A reserved slot on our servers ( NO WAITING HOORAY! )
– The [SF] tag and emblem on battlelog ( awesome right?! )
– The [SF] picture for discord ( and hey, why not put it on your battlelog too ! )
– An awesome group/family of which you are all already part of!
– FULL access to all the lobbies on our discord!

All this for as little as 2 euro’s a month, that’s it 🙂

For some of you that are longer around than others, this is kind of returning to the old set of rules for our community!

The thing that is now definitive is that NEW members have to be 18+ to join our community!

If you guys have any questions concerning the stuff above, don’t be scared to contact us!

Team SemperFi Staff

  • This basically means we are going back to how we started/were.