The Battlefield 1 Summer Missions are now live!

From July 15 till August 20, 2017, you will be able to complete a total of three community missions and get some sweet rewards. The three summer mission with the names “Call to Action”, “Defend The Frontlines” and “Next Frontier” will make sure your skills as a player will be tested.

The first mission that will be active is the “Call to Action” mission between July 15 and July 23. Players who complete the mission will be rewarded with a special Dog Tag and a squad  XP boost. However, this time there is a little catch in the missions. Complete all three Summer missions and you will be rewarded with the “LVC Arditi Knife”. Even then DICE is still keeping something secret, so do make sure you complete all missions if you want to get in on the fun!

To complete the “Call to Action” mission players must do the following: Play, complete and win three full matches of operations. Shouldn’t be too hard eh? Make sure you get your friends and get that mission done soldier!

The Call to Action Dog Tag will be rewarded upon completion on July 31 and the squad XP boost between July 23 and July 30. For the XP boost, you will only have to log in to get this.

  • Wajih Halby

    Did anyone receive the squad XP boost?

    • Tom Croft

      I didn’t. I got a feeling we have not completed three matches from the very beginning. I Def did 2. The 3rd one I started at the first two flags in the game but the tickets were maybe 2 or 3 down from the 250 at the start

    • FrankVVV

      I received the Dog Tag but not the squad XP boost.

  • Zura Kotashvili

    anyone known where to reseved second tag?..