A family of gamers

Team Semper Fi is not just a clan or a group of friends. We’re a family and everyone is welcome to our family!

With multiplayer now being mainstream, we understand that you might be sick of playing alone. So were we and therefore we decided to start a gaming community! Now, that sounds like a nice idea but try realizing it right? Well, we are managing to do it! Every day we have new people looking to join Team Semper Fi. Not just Team Semper Fi itself but also people who are looking for people to play with without joining us. This is exactly what we aim to do, provide a place for every gamer to communicate, share thoughts, play games with and just have fun!

It doesn’t matter what game you play. Are we not supporting your game officially? Don’t be alarmed! If we don’t support your game then that doesn’t mean you won’t  have a place to find people who play your game of interest. Afterall, we’re a gaming community which means there are no limits! So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Discord and meet new people every day! 

And this is not all, in our goal to unite as many gamers as we can we even partnered up with a different community! More here: Gamers-Community.network