We’ve changed! A refreshment of what happened.

Time for some refreshment of what happened recently within Team Semper Fi. Why? Well, we changed!

We’ve partnered up with Gamers-Community.network to spread the love of gaming. Both Team Semper Fi and Gamers-Community.network have a simple goal, unite gamers and be a true family of gamers from all around the world! To make sure we both can achieve that goal we have decided to bundle our strength to spread the love as much as we can!

Now some think that Gamers-Community.network is planning on creating a monopoly as they sure are big and their intentions seem a bit odd when you realize they want nothing in return. But they truly are genuine. It really is about the love for gaming, the love for meeting people from all over the world and make new friends. Team Semper Fi is now a prime example of this. We partnered up with GC and we’re still Team Semper Fi as it were, but with more strength to grow, more options to grow and more things to look forward to.

And the partnership was just one of the many things that changed within Team Semper Fi. We now have multiple Esport teams! Amazing right? The Battlefield and Rainbow Six Siege team have already been kicking some butts as we all could see on Twitch multiple times. But even there it didn’t stop. We’ve been expanding into new games and.. We are going to expand a lot more. Did you think we are planning to just keep things as they are? Nope! And Gamers-Community.network is going to help us with this. So why not give them a visit and some love too eh?

Give that twitter of theirs a follow! -> https://twitter.com/GamersCom6

Give their Discord a new SF-Member in there! (so we can rule their discord too! :wink: )

Their Discord: https://discord.gg/zSs6XtR T

here’s just one more thing. Christmas is coming. Who knows what will happen there and then?

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