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This is the Team Semper Fi Gaming Community!

Semper Fi (short for Semper Fidelis or Always Faithful) is a gaming community based on kindness, friendship and loyalty.

We have grown as a family to become one of the largest communities of Battlefield. As of 2017 we are no longer limited to just Battlefield and we are focusing on becoming a true gaming community!

Right now we’re active in the games:

  • Battlefield 4
  • Battlefield 1
  • PlayerUnknown Battleground

However, that we only support these games right now does not mean we won’t expand into more games! We’re always keen on expanding into new games and to make our gaming community/family bigger!

Our goal is to provide servers as well in games that allow us to do so. Right now we only offer two Battlefield 1 and four Battlefield 4 servers. We also have a TeamSpeak which community members can use!

This is not all! For those who really want to have a go at showing off their skills they can also take a look at our official Esports Team! Yes! We have Team SemperFi Esports! Our Battlefield 1 Esports team is currently led by SF-Ceno. If you wish to have a tryout there then please contact him or one of the General Managers/Leaders.

Our General Managers/Leaders are:

  • SemperFi-Vivi
  • SemperFi-LowLow
  • SemperFi-Mantis
  • SemperFi-Bunny
  • SemperFi-Smoke
  • SemperFi-HonorNL

Other managers are:

  • SF-Ceno (Battlefield 1 Esports team)

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