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Semper Fi (short for Semper Fidelis or Always Faithful) is a gaming community based on kindness, friendship and loyalty.

Founded in October 2014 as a Battlefield Clan we have grown and expanded into a wide variety gaming community in 2017. With new games, new forms of interaction and new players joining the gaming world every day. We at Team Semper Fi decided we wanted to become a home for all gamers. Gamers of any kind, whether you like casual gaming or professional gaming. Team Semper Fi is the place to be for you!

As the Gaming World continuously evolves, we evolve with it. Every day we look into new games we can provide a home for, to provide a solid community for. A place where you can feel home, like a having a massive online family. Day by day new gamers visit us and decide to not just stay, but become one of us.

Do you think or feel that you want to be part of this? Then do not hesitate and sign up for Team Semper Fi! Get a warm welcome into our family. Make new friends, expand your world and contribute to it as well!

Want to have a quick peek at the games we support? Then click here and find out!

Or are you more up for a challenge? Maybe compete one day in a true Esport team, maybe even compete at events like Dreamhack? Then check out the Esport page here!

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Wait! There are more servers!

Unfortunately, with Battlefield 1 we have to deal with some limitations. Battlefield 1 does no longer allow to embed us the server status like we can do with Battlefield 4. But do not be saddened!

Click here to see our Battlefield 1 Servers!

Feedback or requests?

Do you want to provide feedback on our servers? Or do you have some requests regarding games and/or servers? Feel free to post it in the forums here.

We are always looking into ways to improve both your and our experience on our servers. Feedback is key to keep improving. As we’re a family of gamers, our goal is to make as many people happy as possible.